Don’t fall for “Batteries not Included” this Christmas!

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Batteries Not Included

Christmas is fast approaching and although the kids have been saying that for the last few months, it really is just around the corner now.

In just one month to the day from writing this kids will be unwrapping all of their new toys, gadgets and electronic devices. We have all come to know and hate the dreaded “batteries not included” sticker on these items, but we often forget about it until it’s too late.

Can you imagine anything worse than having no batteries left to use!? You’d be lucky if the corner shop is open for an hour in the middle of the day then have to fork out a ridiculous sum of money just because you didn’t prepare!

Cell Pack Solutions believe that, just to be sure you’re never in this awful situation, why not stock up on batteries for the holiday season? We have plenty of deals on all of the common size batteries to make sure you never run out of power over Christmas. This means your kids can use their new toys from the minute they’re opened right on through the new year without any mishaps.

It seems like we love to stock up on everything over Christmas, so it seems a little silly not to do the same with batteries, especially since some bigger toys can use up to 8 AA batteries at once!

Of course let’s not forget Mum and Dad, perhaps that new TV needs batteries for the remote or the new Digital Camera you bought (you’d guessed it) didn’t come with batteries!

Find all of your Christmas battery needs on our Online Shop – Powering Your Christmas!

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