Desert Island Discs and Where it can Lead

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Strange day today, started off listening to the excellent Danny Baker on Desert Island Discs. He chose some great tunes from Bing Crosby to Helen Shapiro. The show was broken up by a couple of phone calls, so I will have to listen to it again on the Internet, didn’t realise you can listen again to all the famous occupants of that crowded Island. If any of you have any recommendations please let me know.

Hearing some of the great tunes did make me feel old and sad, mainly because I knew them and no one else in my office seems to. The young ones today don’t seem to know people like Peter Sellers, Tommy Steele, Helen Shapiro or stars like Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas or John Wayne or films like Spartacus and Some Like It Hot. It seems that everyday some record or film or conversation brings up a name that seems to me that everyone should recognise, and everyday I get blank or strange looks. I will continue my ambition to bring broader education to the office.

I think a lifetime of learning and memorising thousands of battery part references and cross references, dimensions, capacities and all things battery related has helped me to retain some weird and wonderful facts. I will leave you with this one – what is the connection between Sophia Loren and my mother.

Also, how about taking the theme tune to Torchy the Battery Boy onto the Desert Island… altogether now “Torchy, Torchy the Battery Boy”.

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