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Tomorrow is D-Day for the England National Football Team, the expectation level is at fever pitch rightly or wrongly. Personally, I hoping that they at least go out and play as well as they can and that whatever happens they can all say that they could not have done any more.

Success these days seem to be just fleeting. Look at the French National Football Team, from reigning World Champions to second class citizens that have disgraced a nation. When the team went on strike, I half expected the rest of France to come out on strike in sympathy.

Let’s show everyone that whatever happens tomorrow, we do support England and their manager.

Today, we heard the new Chancellor of the Exchequer deliver an Emergency Budget. As a country we have been spending too much borrowed money, the deficit is something too huge to contemplate. There are aspects of the budget that I don’t particularly like (for example the VAT rise to 20%), but as a business owner I have to find ways to overcome these hurdles. It’s going to be a tough few years for everyone but if we all have a go and try to do the best we can then we will get through it.

I am trying to guide our company with the help of my team to strive for higher quality and service levels, to tighten costs, to offer more competitive prices so that we can compete in a tough market. We are continually being set hurdles of increasing costs, red tape, new legislation and the list goes on. The challenge is constant, it is something that you have to overcome or give up.

I decided that we would close the company early tomorrow to let all my staff watch the match, so come on England do your bit and give us all a boost. Whatever happens following the match we all have to do our bit, so Come on England!

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