Check your Smoke Alarms – Don’t just take the Battery out!

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It was only the other week I was around at a friends house when his smoke alarm went off when he burnt something in the frying pan. As if this was common practice, he simply removed the battery from his smoke alarm, opened a window and left it like that. I was back around his a few days ago and to my amazement the battery was in the exact same place he had left it! We’re talking 2-3 weeks without a smoke alarm here.

While I was able to convince my friend to put the battery back in, it got me thinking how many other people simply remove the battery when they burn something because the smoke alarm is “annoying” (personally, I think people should try to avoid burning things in the first place!).

On the unavoidable occasion you do burn something once in a while, close the kitchen door, open a window, turn on the oven extractor fan if you’ve got one, then to stop the beeping simply wave a tea towel in front of the smoke alarm for a couple of seconds, it will soon stop.

By doing this you have not removed the battery and stopped the noise at the same time.

Here at Cell Pack Solutions, we have a range of PP3 (9V) Batteries for your smoke alarms on our Online Shop. We recommend buying two rechargeable batteries as you can charge the flat one while using the other. We urge you to check your smoke alarms often and if they need a new battery get one as soon as you can and never remove the battery, even if it’s only for a few hours. You may very well forget to put it back leaving you unprotected against a fire.

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