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A bit of a catch up with the week as it’s been hectic. Went to my first Entrepreneurs’ Forum Meeting, a rather grand affair called the Chairman’s Dinner. It was quite memorable for the fact that the Chairman wasn’t there. However, have to say that there were so many self made entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs, you could almost feel the inspiration being rubbed as you brushed past people.

I was on one of the tables furthest away from the front, sitting next to a lovely couple who told me they had just finished the renovations on a property in Belsay, Northumberland, called Shortflatt Tower. Check out their website, the place looks absolutely fantastic. Also met an interesting chap who set up a company that helps companies that run e-commerce websites know what their users do, aptly called WhatUsersDo. Overall a nice night, great food and some great company.

There is a bit of further development on the new property. Our architect visited the council planners and plans seem to be OK. So it is full steam ahead on the official plans this week and a review planned for the end of the month.

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