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I spent a few hours of my birthday helping out a friend who had been let down. I had to speak in front of about 100 or so Year 10s at Whitburn Academy.

Basically, I had to give them 5 minutes on how started of my voyage into self employment and try to inspire some of them to realise how important education is right now. It really was difficult to fit everything into such a short time.

There were 6 other people on the bill, luckily none of us had to follow Ray Spencer (Tommy the Trumpeter). He had them all in stitches as its his way. He is truly one of the most inspirational characters in the Borough of South Tyneside, for his achievements at The Customs House and the way he has turned it around. It is the duty of all South Tynesiders to visit this lovely building, take in a show, visit the cinema or go for a coffee there at any and every opportunity, take your friends.

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