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Watched a TV programme last week about how clever the big supermarket chains are in terms of how they can get people to spend more and more money, it was fascinating how people gradually get used to pricing, after a while they do not even look at the prices they pay. Nothing highlights this better than the products they place at the till.

Batteries are seen as an impulse buy so, they are often priced quite highly. Sweets are also placed at the tills, so that they can be bought by pester power, to keep the kids quiet or even just a tempting treat to reward yourself for having endured the ordeal of shopping.

It amazes me how some people spend time searching out the bargains but then fall for the impulse buy ploy.

We stock a wide range of batteries and in many cases we are much more competitive. We buy direct from the major manufacturers such as Duracell and Ansmann, so you know you are going to be getting fresh stock.

We can offer advice on choosing the best type of battery for your application and on choosing good quality rechargeable batteries over some of the cheaper lower quality equivalents.

We have been described as a battery supermarket on the Internet but I believe we are much more than that. We, a provider of Cell Pack Solutions, custom battery packs and advice on battery related issues.

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